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1) Grounding Training Set; Energy Unit, Experiment Set Panel,
Experiment Set Table, Insulation Controller, Meger Toprak
From Resistance Meter and Test Resistors
can happen.
2) In the experimental set; IT traffic leak, traffic accident
current current, grounding resistance, electrical
security, TN, IT, TT, TN-C, TNS, TN-CS network and power
measurements can be made in the systems. mains connection
Types, Insurance and traffic rain
heights can be made. square
set as a privacy zone
can be created

1)1 emergency stop button, start/stop button, 3 phase 4x25A
30 mA residual current relay, three phase 3x25A fuse protection
protection is made. When energized, the signal of each phase
It has a lamp.
2) Training set energy, with a key placed on the energy unit
via contactor with a lock system and start/stop button
is provided.
3) 4 220V alternating current 4mm banana socket outlets and 1
There are 3 phase 4mm banana socket outlets.
4) 1 digital ammeter leads with 4mm banana socket.

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