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1) Training set; The Burglar Detection Switchboard consists of PIR Detector, Door Contact, Glass Break Detector, Impact Detector, Panic Button, Keypad, Siren and Battery, Experiment Table, Energy Panel and Cabinet.
2) It has been designed modularly to explain the Intrusion Detection Systems by making the desired connections on the experimental table.
3) It will be an 8-Zone Burglar Detection Switchboard Module.
4) There are 2 Wall mounted PIR (motion) Detectors and Ceiling type PIR (motion) Detector Modules.
5) There are 2 wired Magnetic Door Contact Modules.
6) There are 2 wired Glass Break Detector Modules with adjustable sensitivity.
7) There are 2 wired Vibration and Impact Detector Modules.
8) There are 2 wired Panic Button Modules.
9) There are 2 wired LCD Keypad Modules.
10) There are 2 wired Internal and External Siren Modules.
11) There are 2 battery (12V 7AH battery) Modules.
12) Carrier parts of the test set are manufactured from 45X45mm anodized aluminum sigma profile against corrosion and scratches.
13) The skeletal system consists of 4 legs and 2 profiles in depth connecting the side legs and the profiles are interconnected in the middle.
It is made of 2 profiles connecting
14) Table top is covered with 0.7mm HPL laminate on 25mm MDF, edges are coated with 2mm PVC.
15) Adjacent to the tabletop, there are 2 drawers with a single row, table width, 15 cm height that can be locked, with brakes, rails.
16) The locked wheel system is mounted under the experimental set.
17) Sliding or fixed units on the table and the experimental table are integrated.

1) Energy unit; supply input 220-240V AC/50Hz IEC input, 2X25A 30mA residual current relay, fuse protected, signal lamp, 2A control fuse, emergency stop start/stop
It has a button and 1 3m IEC power cable is provided.
2) AC power output; There are single-phase 220-240V/50Hz fuse protected, 2 protected grounded sockets with signal lamp, 1 IEC socket, 1 double insulated L-N output with 4mm banana socket. 0-12-24V 2A fuse protected, signal lamp, double insulated 4mm banana socket.
3) DC power output; +5V,+12V,+24V 2A fully regulated, 2A fuse and short circuit protected, on‐off switch, signal lamp, double insulated 4mm banana socket.
4) All connections in the Energy Panel are made with 4mm insulated connection cables.

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