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Training set; According to the application subjects, covering the Main Unit, Set Equipment and circuit applications in order to make the Applications related to Industrial Electronics.
It is designed in a grouped modular structure.

1) The training set is bag-type impact resistant and insulated against electrical leakage.
2) Training set; The power input is 220-240V AC/50Hz IEC input, removable fuse, power LED indicator on/off switch and 1 2m IEC power cable is provided.
3) DC power supplies; There are 0-30V 1A voltage and current adjustable, regulated, short circuit protected, digital Voltmeter and Ammeter display, +5V, -5V and +12V, -12V 1A fixed, regulated, short circuit protected outputs.
4) AC power supply has 12V‐0‐12V 1A fixed output.
5) All controls can be performed on the computer with a 4” color touchscreen LCD screen. In addition, it has a USB interface for transferring data to a computer and an Ethernet interface for Network communication.
6) Function generator; Sine, Triangle, Square wave output, 0-10Vpp amplitude range and 1Hz-100kHz Frequency range.
7) Set Equipment; Switches, Relays, Potentiometers, Speaker, Lamps, Buzzer, Display, Logic Indicators set
are on it.
8) There are 2 pieces of 1000 hole Breadboard.
The following applications (experiments) can be made with the Training Set Modules.
9) Thermal and Magnetic Relay Applications can be made.
10) Transistor Switching Applications can be made.11) RC and RL Time Constant Applications can be made.
12) Schmitt Trigger Applications can be made.
13) Turn-On and Turn-Off Timer Applications can be made.
14) Time Delayed Circuit and Ladder Automatic Applications can be made.
15) Rectifier Applications can be made.
16) SCS, DIAC, Triac, SCR and Quadrak applications can be made.
17) UJT, PUT, SBS and SUS applications can be made.
8) PWM Oscillator Applications can be made.
19) LED, Flasher and Optocoupler Applications can be made.
20) NTC, PTC, LDR and Thermocouple Applications can be made.
21) Photocell, Photodiode, Phototransistor, Photocell, Sound and Infrared Circuit Applications can be made.
22) Reed Relay and Field Effect Switch Applications can be made.
23) Servo, Step and DC Motor Control Applications can be made.
24) DC-DC Converter Applications can be made.
25) DC-AC Converter Applications can be made.
26) SMPS Applications can be made.
27) All connections on the training set are made with different colored connection cables with Universal plugs.
28) With the training set, 100 pieces of 4 different colors and lengths of Universal plug cables are provided.


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