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Training set; for basic experiments
Preamplifier Stage, Mixer Stage, Tone Control Stage, Driver Stage
and Output Floors.

There is a microphone and an external signal input.
Volume, Bass, Treble and Balance are adjustable.
Audio Output Stage Stereo and 2 x 5W RMS, 0.5% distillation
in the form
There is Short Circuit and Thermal Protection.
2 loudspeakers included or excluded, suitable for output power
are available.
Training set; power input 220-240V AC/50Hz with IEC input
removable fuse, power LED indicator
It has a shut-off switch and 1 x 2m IEC power cable.
are given.
24 pieces of 2mm jack cables in 4 different colors with the training set
should be given.
The training set is in shock-proof Bag type and
It is insulated against electrical leakage.

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