As Argemsan, we can describe our products in two main categories; being the test devices we produce as standard and the test devices we produce upon project-based demands. Our standard products consist of training sets that we produce for universities and vocational high schools in the fields of heat transfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, renewable energy, air conditioning, heating systems, cooling systems, control systems, energy efficiency, sanitary system, electric, automotive, electric home appliances and aviation.

Our training experiment sets and all of our special project devices are produced using advanced technology by expert engineers and production team. Besides, throughout our production process, our control teams ensure that our products are always of high quality by performing the necessary inspections.

We pay great attention to the quality of the materials we use to produce our test equipment without sacrificing quality. For example, if we produce a product related to the use of solar energy, we use the highest quality and latest technology solar panels as well as other complementary equipment.

Another important point we pay attention to in the experimental setups we produce for educational purposes is to ensure that the training set can explain the relevant subject in the field in detail and make it possible to understand it comprehensively. To achieve this, we produce devices, which can perform all experiments that explain a scientific phenomenon.

We constantly increase the variety of our training sets and experiment devices that exist within our standard product range.
We increase this by adding new technologies and increasing our range of devices in our current fields.