Our Certificates

ISO:9001 Quality Management System

TSE-HYB Service Competence Certificate

TOBB Domestic Production Certificate


In ARGEMSAN, the Quality Policy has been determined by senior management and communicated to all employees. The compliance of the Quality Policy is reviewed at management review meetings and revised if necessary.

  • To continuously improve our Quality Management System
  • To closely follow the technological developments and to put them in our company,
  • To increase the quality awareness, training and efficiency of the employees
  • Preventing the error at the planning stage instead of eliminating the error
  • To meet the needs and expectations of the customers in the best way and to keep the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level
  • To inform the customer in detail about the use of our product,
  • To comply with legal regulations and conditions related to production.
  • To fulfill all applicable conditions

It is our priority quality policy to continue our activities as one of the few organizations in our sector with these features and our quality system.