DS-320 Ship Fresh Water Trainer Set

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This training set is designed to introduce the pressurization (hydrophore) cleaning system used in clean water installations on ships and to apply the basic experiments.

Working Principle

The booster system is an air cushion pump system that takes a low pressure fluid from a certain reservoir and puts it into use at the required pressure and flow rate and performs its operation automatically according to the conditions of use.

Technical details

Centrifugal pump
Membrane expansion tank
Booster pressure automatic switch
1pc pressure manometer
Pressure regulator

Working Requirements

220V AC mains supply
Mains water installation

Warranty and Service

The device is guaranteed by our company for 2 years. Technical support and service are provided for 10 years for a fee.

Device Dimensions

A x B x H: 1250 x 650 x 1500 mm

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