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Training Set; energy panel, weak and strong current
installation panel, fluorescent lamp installation panel, PIR detector
It consists of a panel and an experiment table.
With the training set; one button one bell, one button two bells, door lock, 2 floors
four-way down call apartment bell and door lock installation,
ad switch socket, commutator switch, vavyen switch installation,
fluorescent lamp installation, 1-phase meter connection, PIR detector
connection, dimmer switch installation, impulse current relay
(impulse relay) installation, operation of 1-phase motor with pako switch
can be done.


1) Start/stop, emergency stop button on the panel, 2x25A
It has 30mA residual current relay and 20A fuse protection.
2) Start stop button for the start and stop of the set
Energy system with contactor and signal lamp controlled by
3) Displaying the circuit voltage and current on the panel
digital voltmeter and ammeter. Voltmeter and
ammeter leads with 4 mm black and red banana thread socket
mounted on the panel.
4) Energy input cable grounded 3 meters 3 x 2.5 mm2 TTR
cable is used.
5) Module with 2 220 volt phase neutral output grounded socket
is mounted on it.
6) 1 x 220 volt phase-neutral output terminals 4 mm black and
The red banana is mounted on the module with an external socket.
7) 1 x 220 volt serial lamp phase neutral output terminals 4 mm
mounted on module with black and red banana tooth socket
is being done.
8) 20 pieces 0.5 meters long, 10 pieces 1 meter long,
10 pcs 1.5 meters long shielded banana plug cable
is given.
9) 15 watts with 220V input 0-12-24 volt output voltages
transformer input output ends 4 mm black and red banana thread socket
It is mounted on the module.
10) Short currents that may occur in weak current installation experiments
2A automatic fuse to 0-12-24 volt voltage output for circuits
is connected.
11) 1-phase electronic counter and input-output terminals 4 mm
mounted on module with black and red banana tooth sockets
is being done.
12) 10 Amps 0-1 Paco switch input and output ends 4 mm
mounted on module with black and red banana external sockets
are being made.
13) The panel is integrated into the back of the experimental table, min
is mounted.
14) The panel is 95 cm high above the table top