OT-207 Suspension and Steering System Training Set

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This training set has been prepared to demonstrate the working principle of the suspension and steering system.


Device, 1 printed test sheet, circuit diagram and product catalogue.


It is designed to allow experiments on the suspension and steering systems.

The experimental set frame is protected against rust and scratches and is made of profile.

The experiment set includes at least 3 meters of 3×1.5 mm cable and a secure 1 Phase + Neutral + Earth plug.

The products used are selected according to current technology.

There are precautions against electric shock (fuse – leakage current – double insulated born – emergency stop button).

Thanks to its wheeled structure, the training set is suitable for use in workshops and laboratories.

Practical training on the technical work and functions of the suspension and steering system is experimental in nature.

The writing, definitions and symbols on the test panel are made by the engraving method. There is no paint or labels.

It is fully operational using original parts of the power steering and suspension system for the application.

The hydraulic steering system and front alignment system can be observed.

The front suspension system is mobile and adjustable.

The steering pump moves with an asynchronous motor.

On the coffee table, the table has wheels, two of which are fixed and two of which are movable and locked.