OT-245 Pneumatic Brake System Trainer

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This training set has been prepared to show the working principle of the pneumatic brake system.


Device, 1 printed test sheet, circuit diagram and product catalogue.


The following system parts are in working condition on the set.
There are pads.
There are campaigns.
There are discs.
There is a diaphragm.
There are springs.
There is a balancing bolt.
It has a compressor with at least 30 liters of air tank.
Connection apparatus and hoses are of appropriate size.
There are pressure valves.
There are manometers so that pressure can be measured from various parts of the system.
The training set should be seated on the movable table, the top part of the training set on the table should be 140-150 cm from the floor.
It is on the coffee table, with wheels, two of them are fixed, two of them are movable and locked.
Symbols of the system, circuit diagrams, names of the elements are written on the board by scraping method.
Visible sections of the moving parts were taken.
Sectioned sections are painted with ergonomic colors.
It can be controlled with the brake pedal.
Powered by 220/380 V, with at least three meters of cable.

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