OT-252 Air Conditioning System Training Set

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This training set has been prepared to show the basic functions and working principle of automotive air conditioners.


Device, 1 printed test sheet, circuit diagram and product catalogue.


Experiments can be made on the auto air conditioning system and the system is in working condition.
Experiment set frame is made of stainless steel and profile against scratches.
There is at least 3 meters of 3×1.5mm cable and a secure 1 Phase+Neutral+Earth plug on the test set.
Precautions are taken against electric shocks. (fuse–leakage current–double isolated born–emergency stop button).
The training set is placed on a movable table, the top part of the training set on the table is 140-150 cm from the ground.
The texts, definitions and symbols on the test panel are made by scraping method.
It is a speed-controlled asynchronous motor to simulate motor movement.
The motor is connected to the air conditioner pump by pulley and belt.
Vehicle type evaporator (evaporator) is used, on-off or air quantities are as in vehicles.
There are 2 transparent flow indicators on the installation.
There are valves required for gas filling and discharge on the installation, as well as 2 pressure gauges.
Condenser and evaporator inputs and outputs are shown on separate screens with 4 digital thermostats.
The table is wheeled, two fixed, two movable and
Section parts are painted with ergonomic colors.
There is a computer connection and it can be controlled with a computer, connection cables are provided.

PDF Product Document