For sustainable success, we prioritize protecting nature and human health in all our production processes.

Education Support

We provide technical training service with our expert team to ensure that all our customers make the best use of our experiment and test devices, which are all domestic production without compromising on quality.


Installation Support

Our company completes production with installation support. We provide installation support for every customer regarding our meticulously manufactured devices. We make our experiment and test equipment ready for use with our technical staff to serve their purposes.


Free Delivery

We also provide full support to our customers in free delivery. We deliver our experiment and test devices, which we produce for technical high schools and universities, and our special production project-based devices free of charge by our corporate vehicle.


Understanding of Quality

Our company carries out the production of experiment and test devices with an understanding of high quality. We manufacture our devices by prioritizing the expectations and goals of our customers and performing necessary controls.


Our Values

As Argemsan Education Technologies, our business understanding and values are based on being a trusted and preferred brand company, where our employees love to work.

The corporate culture that we have established within the framework of certain principles and ethical values since the day we were founded consists of striving to produce the best quality at all times, making use of the latest technology and achieving unconditional customer satisfaction at the level of world standards.


Developing experiment and test devices, tracking innovations and contributing to the technological progress of our country is a never-ending process. We contribute to the growth of the new generation through research and development studies to make Turkey a brand that exports science and technology.

Therefore, we cooperate with universities to use resources accurately and efficiently as well as cultivating qualified employees through applied trainings. Because, we know that the youth is the future of a country and we work in the light of this awareness.