Career at

We are well aware that it is possible to create a strong organizational structure, which can realize the business strategies towards the goals of Argemsan, with the understanding of “People First”. We recruit the employees that can carry our company to the future, are competent with the corporate culture, are qualified and have potentials for improvement within the principle of equal opportunity. To realize our business goals, we continuously create corporate culture and sustain development and learning at all fields.

The Right Candidate

The right candidate for Argemsan is the one that is recruited for the right position. In line with this principle, we shape and implement our human resources strategies. Our goal is to become a company that everyone wants to work for.

Internship Program

There is an internship program for the candidates, with whom we wish to work with according to our human resources policy, at certain periods. Candidates can be employed as well-equipped individuals when they complete the program.

Team Work

The most important criterion in our recruitment process is teamwork. We know and care that success comes with the participation of all employees.

Evaluation Process

In the evaluation process, we consider our qualification and competence criteria we have determined for each position. In the recruitment process, we evaluate the suitability of the candidates accordingly.

Corporate Development

We fully believe that our company will exist with our employees. Therefore, we make a special effort to ensure continuity in corporate development.

Creating Innovation

We know that companies that do not renew themselves cannot continue their activities for a long time. Therefore, our efforts to create innovation in our products and applications will continue.

Original Participation

We hope that each of our employees will take part in an organization where their original participation is ensured and where they can express their valuable ideas. The working environment we provide to our employees is qualified to enable these.

Education Support

We provide training support to our employees per their experience and task areas. We want them to perform their duties successfully and have a long career life in our company.

Transparent Administration

Transparent management approach is applied meticulously in our units. As Argemsan, we believe that the units will have a more efficient working system within this understanding.