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In this training set,temperature, pressure and speed sensor are examined.


To examine and learn the working principles of K type thermocouple, pressure transmitter and inductive proximity sensors, which are most common in electronic and automation systems, and
It is a training set prepared to make soundness checks. By using the fault switches on the set, it is aimed to give the fault to the relevant sensor and to examine the reactions of the sensor and to detect the malfunctions and to intervene in this type of malfunction that may be encountered in the future.

Technical  Details

1 x K Type Thermocouple temperature sensor
1 pressure transmitter
1 inductive speed sensor
0-24V 2A regulated power supply
12V, 24V fixed output DC power supply
3 digital measurement screens

Warranty and Service

The device is guaranteed by our company for 2 years. Technical support and service are provided for 10 years for a fee.

Device Dimensions

A x B x H: 400 x 300 x 130 mm

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