OT-224 Vehicle Lighting and Warning Systems Training Set

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This training set has been prepared to show the working principle of in-car lighting and warning systems.


Device, 1 printed test sheet, circuit diagram and product catalogue.


The test set is made of stainless steel and 45×45 anodized aluminum profile against scratches.
There is a 3 meter 3×1.5mm cable and a safe 1 Phase+Neutral+Earth plug on the test set.
The products used are selected in accordance with the current technology.
Precautions against electric shocks. (fuse–leakage current–double isolated born–emergency stop button).
Industrial type terminals are used in all connections.
Each electrical receiver removes (+) and (-) poles in line with the experiment panel and is suitable for (+) and (-) poles with its application method.
At the bottom of the experiment table, inside the protection cabinet, it will be strong enough to run all of its electricity at the same time, and it will also be in the battery circuit device together with the set.
The training set is a suitable structure in revolving construction workshops and rooms, the wheels are fixed, movable and both.
The experiment is done by scraping text and user symbols on the panel.
Experiment Set Experiment Cables, Spare lamp, Spare fuse, 12 V 60A battery and other accessories etc.),


It has a long remote circuit.
There is a low beam circuit.
There is a halogen lamp.
There is a front fog light circuit.
There is a rear fog light circuit.
There is ceiling lighting.
There is trunk lighting.
There is license plate lighting.
There is a central door lock system.
There is a wiper circuit.
There is a glass water circuit.
There are ignition and starter motor circuits.


There is a Front Signal lamp circuit.
There is a rear turn signal lamp circuit.
There is a right turn signal lamp circuit.
There is a left turn signal lamp circuit.
There is a stop circuit.
There is a reversing lamp circuit.
There is a quad parking lamp circuit.
There is a horn circuit.
There is a brake light circuit.

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