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This training set has been prepared to show the working principle of the gasoline engine.


Device, 1 printed test sheet, circuit diagram and product catalogue.


Multi-point injection fuel system
The engine cylinder volume is between 1000‐1600 cc.
It is in such a way that the valves can be moved with the camshaft from the top.
It is a 4-stroke, 4-cylinder and 16-valve.
It should be cooled with water.
The 12 V-60Ah battery is mounted on the stand.
The motor is placed on the movable stand and the top part of the motor on the stand is at a height of 140‐150 cm from the ground.
All parts are on and in working condition.
electronic ignition system
It communicates with the diagnostic device (diagnostic test device) via the OBD socket.
On the control panel on the engine stand, there is a warning lamp, speedometer and tachometer related to engine systems.
All parts are assembled on the engine.
Engine exhaust, muffler and catalytic converter are installed, catalytic converter is in working condition.

When starting, the engine works with all its systems.
The engines were produced after 2019 and have not been used.
The motors have automatic cooling fan.
There are special keys and equipment for disassembly/assembly of engines.
Catalog of engines

PDF Product Document